How I got here. 


The Last Decade

Los Angeles-based, made the move from San Francisco a little over 4 years ago, along with my Fiancé and a cat. 🌴

At Science 37, I'm spending my time as a Sr. Product Designer expanding access to clinical trials for both patients and providers. On the day-to-day, you'll find me building a range of design skills, defining problems, user testing, and contributing to our component library in Figma. On a really good day you may even find me doodling away on the nearest surface.


I've had the pleasure of working with, and learning from some of the best product, engineering, and design minds. I even helped launch an organic sunscreen and skin care line. Check my Linkedin for more details.


The Start of My Career

Upon completing my studies, and with my student portfolio in hand, I landed my first Design job at a small startup called Thismoment. During the three years there, I worked with brands like Sony and Salesforce to design branded YouTube pages with our content management system. I started as a Web Designer, but the exposure and collaboration with product and engineering led me down the Product Design path. 


While in school, I learned how to design and code simple front-end websites, giving me a good sense of how grids, art, fonts, colors, and components worked together to create an experience for an end-user. Outside of digital design we had printmaking facilities, photo labs, and illustration classes. I loved it. 


Outside of school, I lived off of painting, gallery shows, and commissions. San Francisco became a playground for me and a place to grow as a creative individual. I practiced digital mediums with Adobe products and physical mediums with pretty much anything that held color. 


The Decision

I got really into Graphic Design around this time, but I found myself wanting to design something a little more interactive. I was dabbling in HTML/CSS, coding my own websites at the time. Mobile apps were picking up and I found it a calling of sorts. I made a decision and left for San Francisco. I enrolled at the Academy of Art University to help me develop my design and creative chops. 


Photoshop & The Family Computer

It all started here, in the living room of my home, with a bootleg of Photoshop and a ton of tutorials. Skate logos and t-shirts were my specialties. 


Los Angeles, CA

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